Welcome to the Law Offices of Larry R. Davidson

With a commitment to excellence, the Law Office of Larry R. Davidson provides services for clients in Oregon and around the country. The firm's goal is to always provide top notch legal representation for each and every client for each matter that is handled for the client, and on a reasonable and affordable basis. This requires thorough preparation and attention to detail for every matter that is handled. It also requires that the economic realities are kept in focus and that the proper balance is maintained. The profile page expands on this topic.

Over the years, the firm's primary focus has been on transportation law and related matters. As more fully explained in the practice areas, the firm handles a wide variety of transportation law issues. Larry also gets involved in other areas of the law, also discussed in practice areas.

As part of his commitment of service to the transportation community, Larry publishes Rollin' On, the oldest transportation law newsletter in the Northwest, and perhaps in the country. Check out the issues which go back to 1995, when the Interstate Commerce Commission was still running the motor and rail carrier show, Bill Clinton was president, and NAFTA was in the incubation stage.

The firm also provides other types of legal services as well. With approximately 35 years of experience, Larry has handled many cases and matters concerning a wide variety of issues. Larry practices in federal and state courts, and associates with other attorneys in handling matters outside the state of Oregon.

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